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Welcome to the 46th Annual

- One of North America's Most Popular Beach Volleyball Tournaments -

Labor Day Weekend - August 28, through September 2, 2018

Aspen, Colorado

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2018 Welcome


In 1972, a couple of Aspen, Colorado restaurateurs decided to spice up what was, at that time, a lacluster Labor Day Weekend by hosting a small volleyball Tournament.  Little did they know that their one-day, 14 team Tourney was going to become one of the most popular pro-am beach doubles volleyball Events in North America -- the MotherLode Volleyball Classic, held every Labor Day Weekend in/around Aspen, CO.


Transplanted from Newport Beach, California, the owners of the MotherLode Restaurant were merely trying to have a little fun and provide themselves, and their friends. with a beach volleyball "fix" on a quiet Labor Day Weekend.  They set-up courts in wagner Park, provided food for a barbecue, brought in a keg of beer and played some volleyball.  The winners of that informal Tournament were none other than beach legends Chester and Steve Goss, from San Diego, CA, who were visiting Aspen at that time.  It was fun; so, they decided to do it again the next year.  And, a few more teams showed up.  The next thing they knew they had a "full-blown" volleyball Tournament on their hands.


Over the next 45 years, The 'Lode (as has become its nickname) has become one of the premier grassroots Tourneys in the Country drawing players from all over the United States and Canada including amateur and recreational players, professional beach players and masters and seniors players playing in one of the most comprehensive Tournaments in North America.


Many players have returned to The MotherLode, year-after-year, and new players show up, every year, and spread the word about the Tourney that combines a celebration of beach volleyball with the exciting and beautiful environs of Aspen, Colorado.


Here's hoping that you will join the thousands of "MotherLoders" who have experienced the atmosphere (and, the altitude) of the MotherLode Volleyball Classic.  See you here,


Leon Fell
Producer, MotherLode Productions

Aspen, Colorado
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